Cancellation & Refundable Policy


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Last updated: Jun 20, 2022 

• Trip cancelled by the  customer

Enjoy Free Cancellations upto 12 hours before the pickup start. If the cancellation happens less than 12hours from pickup time, 50% of the booking fee will be charged as cancellation fee or flex payment will be charge as cancellation fee. If the cancellation happens post the pickup time, then the entire booking fee will be charged as cancellation fee. 

Guest Booking feature:

Once the Booking done from the guest booking feature,  you cannot cancel your booking.

• Trip cancelled by the supplier/Vendor / Host.

Due to COVID-19 situation / Rarely Un-fortunately Unavailable for rent, if you have a confirmed booking and the booking is cancelled by the Supplier / Host / Vendor, you will automatically receive 100% refund. 

Refundable policy :-

Your Remaining balance (%) of money will be Refunds are processed automatically upon cancellation time (14th day). Your bank may take 24 to 48 Business working hour's to credit this amount to your account/card.

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